Evening menu

Evening menu

from 17.00 – 21.00 these dishes can still be delivered or picked up.

Snacks / starters

Nürnberger rostbratwürstchen (Bio) with bretzel and mustard / 8.50

Nachos from the oven with cheese, red onion, bell pepper, jalapeños, coriander and sour cream / 9.50

Deep fried, organic oyster mushroom balls with tarragon mustard (V *) / 8.50

Marinated green olives (V *) 5.50

Serrano ham with bread/ 10.50

Manchego with membrillo / 7.50

Tomato walnut tapenade with bread / 6.50

Aioli with bread / 6.50

Hummus with bread (V*) 6.50

Mixed plate with manchego, serrano ham & marinated green olives / 14.50

Three tapenades with bread / 10.50

Warm dishes

Riesen Wiener schnitzel with mushroom cream sauce, Preiselbeeren compote and fries / 17.50

Pollock in beer batter with mixed green salad, fries and remoulade / 16.50

Caponata (Italian vegetable stew) with Conchiglie and ricotta / 13.50

Iberico cheeks, stewed in wheat beer with spring vegetables, risotto and parmesan cheese / 17.50


Flatbread with lamb curry, peas, cucumber and a spoonful of yoghurt / 11.50

Flatbread with falafel pickled vegetables, feta, coriander, lettuce and andalouse sauce (can also be vegan) / 10.50


Portion of fries with mayo / ketchup / 3.50

Mixed green salad with pickled cucumber/ 4,50

Roasted eggplant with curry-almond yogurt sauce (V*) / 5.50


Quark with puffed rice-hazelnut-white chocolate “rocks” and caramel sauce /5,50

Forest fruits-crumble traybake and a spoonful of vanilla mascarpone / 5.00

Choco-fudge cake with nuts, cranberries and candied currants / 5,50

V* = vegan


  • Orders can be placed by phone or via WhatsApp: 06-57803068
  • Mention in the app your order, your name and whether you choose to pick up or deliver.
  • Please include your address in case of delivery
  • Upon delivery you will receive a confirmation and a payment request via “Tikkie”, but paying in cash is also an option (pay exactly!).
  • If you come to pick up your order, you can also pay with your card.
  • When you come to pick up your order at our pickup counter, keep a good distance from each other!
  • We only deliver to the indicated neighbourhoods! (See the map below!)
  • Minimum delivery amount is € 20,00
  • If there are any other dietary requirements or allergies, let us know and we will be happy to discuss a suitable alternative!