New Year’s Eve dinner

New Year’s Eve dinner


Due to a few cancellations, we still have a some spots left, so if you want to make a reservation, please pass on the choices for the menu, preferably by mail to

It is a 4 course menu with an aperitif before

Walk-in between 7.30pm and 8.30pm

Menu € 52.50 (fully vegan € 48.50)

Reservations: by email at or through the reservation window, right down at the bottom of this website

New Year’s Eve menu

V* = vegan


Tartare of celeriac and oyster mushroom, with horseradish, fresh herbs and sweet and sour “milk” onion (V*)

Octopus terrine with mustard-dill dressing, green mustard leaf and caper apples

Intermediate dish

Green pea soup with mint and a spoonful of lemon cream (V*)

Main course

Chicory with poached pear, portobello, potato “biscuit” and walnut (V*)

Wild pheasant fillet, with black pudding, baked apple, sauerkraut and potato mousseline


Coconut rice pudding with tonka beans, candied kumquats and almond kletskop (V*)

Medjool dates filled with pistachio paste in dark chocolate with orange blossom syrup and a sauce of white chocolate and yogurt