Breakfast-Lunch menu

Breakfast-lunch menu

Every day from 10.00 to 16.00 you can enjoy our lunch dishes on our terrace.

Take away is also still possible!


Organic yogurt (or almond yogurt + 1, – V *) with strawberries, puffed rice and hazelnuts in white chocolate / 6.50

Organic yogurt (or almond yogurt + 1, – V *) with homemade granola, banana and orange juice / 6.50

Croissant with Livarham or cheese / 3.60

Croissant with blackberry jam or chocolate spread (organic) / 3.40

Croissant plain / 2,50

Bretzel with butter / 2,50

Fried egg without or with bacon and bread / 6,80 / 8,50

Omelette without or with bacon and bread / 6,80 / 8,50

Strammer Max with fried egg, ham, cheese, pickle, tomato and onion on bread / 11,50

For the little ones

Toasti cheese or Livarham and cheese with tomato ketchup / 4.50 / 5.50

Sandwich with peanut butter / chocolate spread (organic) / raspberry jam / 4.00

Pancakes with butter and golden syrup / 6.10

French toast with strawberries and vanilla sugar / 5.80

Breakfast (including fresh orange juice and coffee or tea) until 1:00 pm

Oude Reypenaer and ham (Livar), blackberry jam, soft boiled egg, croissant, sourdough bread and yogurt with nuts and honey / 16.50

Smoked salmon, avocado, crème fraîche, lemon and soft boiled egg with a bretzel and toasted white sourdough bread / 16.50

Sandwiches made from Oberlander sourdough or Rye multi-seed bread

Seasoned chicken with cucumber and turmeric yogurt sauce / 9,30

Serrano ham with aioli and roasted aubergine / 9,40

Baked king mushroom with romesco, rocket and sliced almonds (V *) / 8,90

Reypenaer with tomato marmalade and rocket / 8,80


Falafel with pickled vegetables, feta and Andalouse sauce (can also be V *) / 11,30

Lamb curry with peas, cucumber and a spoon of yogurt / 11,90

Warm dishes and salads

Black pudding with fried apples, crispy bacon, Limburg apple syrup and rye bread / 15.50

Roasted eggplant with curry-almond yogurt, sliced almonds, pomegranate seeds and freekeh (V *) / 12.50

Salad with avocado, honey tomatoes, baked sugar lettuce, spring onion and lemon Marmite dressing (V *) (also delicious with smoked salmon + 3, -) / 13.50

Salad with pieces of chicken thigh fillet, Roman lettuce, boiled egg, bacon, parmesan cheese and buttermilk dressing / 14.50


Creamy asparagus soup / 6.30

Well-filled soup with minced meat, savoy cabbage and baby potatoes / 6.90

Homemade sweets

Baked Quark tarte / 3,80

Bananabread with butter / 4,50

forest fruits crumble traybake (V*)/ 3,80

Choco-fudge tart with nuts and cranberries / 4.00

Small bites

Nürnberger rostbratwürstchen (Bio) with bretzel and mustard / 8.50

Nachos from the oven with cheese, red onion, bell pepper, jalapeños, coriander and sour cream / 9.50

Marinated green olives (V *) 5.50

Serrano ham with bread/ 10.50

Manchego with membrillo / 7.50

Tomato walnut tapenade with bread / 6.50

Aioli with bread / 6.50

Hummus with bread (V*) 6.50

Basil pesto with bread / 6.50

Mixed plate with manchego, serrano ham & marinated green olives / 14.50

Three tapenades with bread / 10.50

V* = vegan

Take away is also still possible...

  • You can order on the spot, by telephone: 043 852 22 29 or via WhatsApp: 06-57803068 
  • State your order and your name in the app
  • You can pay in advance with a ‘tikkie’ or when you pick up, cash or pin
  • If there are other dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss an appropriate alternative